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Fast Food Flooring?

Our message in this blog to everyone is that doing or re-doing your flooring, carpeting, blinds or shades, etc. should NEVER be an impulsive get-it-done next day event. This is not fast food, nor next day delivery, nor should it be.

But unfortunately in this age of instant results, internet ordering, and responding to commercials on TV or radio making big promises, such as next day installation and 75% off (do you really believe that?), the American consumer has become impatient with obtaining results.

And flooring and window coverings, being large ticket items, require some planning and forethought, not to mention that most products require a few days acclimation before installation.

Our advice:

  • Shop around, and take 3 bids for your projects.
  • Get a feel for the company you are working with, and choose wisely.
  • Thinking before you act can never be more important than in this endeavor.
  • If it sounds like the greatest thing you’ve ever heard, by way of discount or sales price, think again. No one, big or small, has that kind of advantage over anyone else in these industries.

We are here to meet your needs, and guide you through the process, answer all of your questions to help educate you, and to provide fair market pricing for the jobs we bid on.

BSA Flooring & Window Coverings has been providing customers with these products, all types included, since 1999, though our experience in this field dates back to the 70’s.

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