Tipsters of San Diego


Sorem & Pastore, along with it’s predecessor firm, Sorem & MacNeil have been members of Tipster’s of San Diego since 1976. Knowledge of any network group in San Diego would tell you that it is very rare that a member remains in the group for over 30 years. However, in Tipsters of San Diego, Sorem & Pastore is not the oldest member of the group and nearly one-third of the membership have been in the group for over 20 years. The longevity of members is not based solely on the financial benefit derived through the networking of the clubs members, but rather through the added benefit that the members build close relationships through actually caring about one another and each others business. This is a group of business minded individuals who know that people are what is important, not just careers. If you visit one breakfast meeting, you will see that the members are more a family than a club. This club has been a wonderful and financially beneficial experience for our firm and will continue to be for many more years.

Joseph A. Pastore, Esq.


I have been a member of Tipsters of San Diego since 1987. As the Flooring and Window Coverings contractor of the group, I have had an amazingly beneficial experience over all these years. I have received many leads for new business and have joined up with several of the other contractors in the group to become a team on the same project at times also. In addition, I have been able to personally utilize many of the members for my own house & family events needs (flowers, catering, etc.), as well as sharing the list of members with my extended family such as my parents, brothers & their wives. Somehow the Plumber has snuck in to become a member of my family….

If you invest the time and energy to get acquainted with the membership, attend Social events, and make an effort to give tips to the other members, you will receive back, be supported, and befriended by everyone. Tipsters was there during the bad times too, often providing leads when they were hard to come by, and of course the good times. Come see for yourself what a friendly group we are and be impressed by our level of professionalism.

Bob Schraer
Owner, Bob Schraer & Associates, Window and Floor Coverings



I have been a member of Tipsters of San Diego since 1999. I have received many good leads from members. I have also used the services of many members. I can always trust the professionalism of fellow members.

Bob Davis, Owner, Mattress World and Al Davis Furniture