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How to Divorce in San Diego


How can I file for Dissolution (Divorce) in San Diego?

You are not alone; many people ask this question.

This is a question of Venue; i.e. where does your case belong.

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To file for divorce in California, you have to be a California resident for 6 months before filing.

To file in San Diego, you need to be living in San Diego County for 3 months.

The forms that you need can all be found online, at the San Diego Superior Court website, or at any of the Family Court courthouses.

And each Family Law courthouse has a Facilitator’s Office, where you can get free advice and help with preparing and filing your documents.

You need a successful negotiator and tough adversary on your side. Georgine Brave has handled over 3,000 cases during her career, and is known as one of the most vigorous family law advocates in San Diego.

If you are just beginning the process, you also need someone who listens.

Georgine Brave handles divorces with empathy and compassion.  She offers free telephone and email consultations if you have questions.

You are not alone.

Georgine Brave

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